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The Phone.

[If she does not pick up.]

Hi, this is Morizawa Chieko! Leave your name and number, unless I already know you, in which case, well, hope my memory doesn't suck. Leave a message after the tone, or this phone will expl-[BEEEEEP]
[When Norie awakes, she'll find herself in a strange room, in a strange bed, wearing pajamas she doesn't recognize. There's a sleeping bag on the floor next to the bed. And Chieko, already dressed, and looking far too nonchalant about the circumstances.]

Good morning! I was just about to make some breakfast. Eggs good with you?

Some Night at Dinner

[One fine night at a peaceful dinner, the third wheel suddenly speaks up!]

Um, there's something I want to talk about. Bring up, really.

Backdated to Some Point in time

[Chieko is just now coming back to the apartment after work at the cafe. The door opens. Something sure does seem different about the place. Maybe it's the aura of unrelenting despair?]

Hey, I'm home!

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Backdated to Whenever

[So, when Chieko came home, there was another cyclops in her house. She does not comprehend.]


Make requests, short ficlets, etc etc!

Most Awkward Walk Home

[Locked to Yue.]

...W-would an apology be appropriate? S-sorry I almost had sex with your sister?

[Saturday|June 5th|Late Afternoon]

[Well, I'm just sitting in the living room, reading manga, I'm sure that my roommate isn't going to come in covered in blood or anything.]


[So, the meeting mentioned whilst bathing has finally come up. Yue, you have been cordially invited to the Chieko-cave.]