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forgive_me_my's Journal

Morizawa Chieko
YOUR LIVEJOURNAL: lavosadvocate
AIM SCREENAME: lavos advocate
HAVE YOU ROLEPLAYED BEFORE?: Yes. I've been on Livejournal's Shin Megami Tensei Dressing Room, and played tabletop rpgs for several years.
CHARACTER'S NAME: Morizawa Chieko
AGE: 16
OCCUPATION: Student, amateur mangaka.
GRADE: Second Year.
CLUBS: Go home club.(May be interested in joining a Judo club)
SEX: Female
PLAYED BY: Kanako Ohno from Genshiken

CHARM: ||||

WEAKNESSES: Chieko has a tendency to make smart assed remarks when irritated or under pressure, often without enough consideration for the consequences. Despite any facades she puts on, Chieko lacks security and fears being left without anyone to share her burdens, and is afraid of what new calamities the future might hold. She sometimes feels that her lack of strength to protect Takeshi places the blame on herself, and that she deserves to be punished for it.
STRENGTHS: While Chieko may lack security of her own, she has a drive to push on for others and protect them. It's difficult to sway her once she's set her mind to something. She has a bright and easygoing personality and a pretty good sense for people. Her grades are above average, if not brilliant. Chieko is a talented artist, and dreams of a pilgrimage to Comiket. Can beat nearly anyone at Guilty Gear if she's using Eddie.
WEAPON OF CHOICE: Reinforced gloves for unarmed strikes. Chieko has taken Judo lessons since she was thirteen and fights in that manner. Strike damage.
PERSONA: Naro-Dakini
WEAK; Ice.
PERSONA ABILITIES: Agi, Sukukaja, Dia.
PERSONALITY: Chieko has a generally upbeat attitude and approachable demeanor. She acts positive and determined in most circumstances, and usually means it, though in especially difficult times she keeps it up mostly to attempt to reassure others. Chieko tends to speak rather loudly and enthusiastically whether she intends to or not.

Chieko tends to be talkative and is rarely afraid to speak her mind on matters, even when she should be. She has a pretty good sense for other people's emotional states and is supportive of friends when she thinks they need it, with a strong protective streak she developed after Takeshi's death. Despite this, she is likely to keep her own problems inside, or push them away until she can think of something else. She can be a bit of a smartass at times, prone to making sarcastic comments when someone pushes her buttons or when irritated.

Chieko has something of a reputation as a nerd, and not necessarily an undeserved one. She draws manga in her spare time(and isn't that bad at it, either), and is fonder of er, “modern visual culture” than most girls her age and holds no shame for it. Her dorm room is a mess of books, comic and otherwise, anime, music, and video games.

Chieko is a dreamer by nature, and tends to look beyond the here and now. She likes to imagine and create, and look to the future. But more and more often lately, the future seems like a looming, distant, terrible thing, and she's forced to confront what is.

BACKGROUND: By all accounts, Chieko had a fairly normal upbringing. She was born and raised in Osaka, with serious, businesses-like parents who raised their daughter to be dutiful, quiet, and traditional. Their plan didn't work very well. Chieko was an independent minded girl, and never especially interested in the Very Important Careers, law, medicine, business, her family wanted her to pursue. She was a dreamer, still is; they simply said she had her head too in the clouds to care. Her enthusiastic interest in entertainment of various sorts didn't really help this impression.

Still, it wasn't a bad life. She got along decently with her parents most of the time, and especially with her younger brother(two years, specifically) Takeshi. He was calm and polite, and she always thought he was a bit too naive for his own good. She looked out for him, confided in him.

Chieko has been drawing for years, and when her parents discouraged it more, she only drew more and hid her notebooks. At thirteen her parents enrolled her in Judo classes, to try to get her to focus on something more serious, and she took to the classes well, but never really changed.

Six months ago is when things stopped being normal. She had snuck out of the house with Takeshi late at night to see a movie. The screen went out at exactly midnight. Nobody made a sound. She left the theater with Takeshi, and that's when she saw the blood, and the coffins, and the shadowy monster that was lunging at her.

It was all too fast. Takeshi pushed her out of the way. The Shadow mauled him. Naro-Dakini rose from the sea of her soul in a corona of light, she willed the Shadow's destruction and it burned. But it was no use. Takeshi's eyes were glassy and empty, his throat was torn out. It was too much. She ran and ran, and broke down.

It was days later before things made sense again. She was in a hospital funded by the Kirijo company, where a man told her that she was safe now, but that she now had the choice to protect others, if she wished to. Nothing was the same after that. It took the better part of a month for her mind to settle; her guilt over Takeshi made it harder to get used to Naro-Dakini's place inside her. She rarely spoke to her parents after that, and when she got a voucher from the Kirijo Group to attend Gekkoukan High, she accepted without hesitation. She would protect. She would succeed where she had failed before.

WHY IS YOUR CHARACTER HERE?: Chieko is here to make a new place for herself, and to do whatever possible to stop the Shadows and the Dark Hour from hurting people.